Contribute Your Work to a Special Issue!

We are currently scoping out possible journals for a Special Issue or collection of articles about Ărramăt, the intersections of biodiversity conservation, and Indigenous health and well-being.

The Special Issue/collection will draw on our webinar series that we are in the midst of wherein we are sharing a wealth of information—about environmental stewardship, health and well-being, Indigenous food systems, law, culture, language, citizenry, and justice—that will inform our teamwork going forward. We would like to turn these webinars into written contributions that capture the wisdom, knowledge, and information being exchanged so these can be shared further, and so that especially our Indigenous partners can be published.

  • Are you interested in contributing a paper on themes of biodiversity-Indigenous health and well-being?
  • What type of article do you have in mind (research, review, perspective)?
  • What is the title of your proposed paper?
  • Would you be willing to have a draft (~5,000 words or less) ready between April-May, 2021?

If you have already presented a webinar, then your abstract, suggested keywords, and some notes have likely been recorded in this Google document that you may find useful in thinking about your paper. You may also have taken notes on others’ webinars which you are encouraged to add to this document (think peer community support and writing)!

In your contribution to a Special Issue/collection, we will encourage your use of words and phrases in Indigenous languages for concepts not readily expressed in English. Please define them, for example, Kaitiakitanga, Māori for guardianship that encompasses conservation, sustainability, and interconnectedness, as shared by our colleague Carwyn Jones.

If you already have ideas about publication, please touch base with Katarzyna Nowak, who will be helping coordinate submissions to the Special Issue:

We expect Special Issue co-editors to include one Indigenous scientist and one western scientist—stay tuned.