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Connections and collaboration are key to the Ărramăt Project and despite the challenges presented by COVID-19, virtual meeting platforms enable us to connect better than ever.  Throughout the development of our project proposal, we spent over 300 hours in meetings and webinars with partners from across the globe.  We will continue to provide opportunities for our project partners to connect, through webinars, All Partner Updates, and through special events.  Check back regularly to see what is being planned.

Ărramăt Webinars:

The Ărramăt webinar series began in December 2019 and is offered as a way for co-applicants, collaborators, and partners to share and learn from one another on a broad range of topics related to the project.  We hope that by sharing knowledge and learning from one another the overall project will be greatly strengthened and far more inclusive.

Most of our webinars are offered in English, however, some of our partners prefer to present in their native language.  Where possible, simultaneous translation is provided.  Please reach out to info@arramatproject.org if you’d like to request translation on upcoming webinars.

Ărramăt Events:

All Partner Meetings

These update meetings allow our Principal Investigator Team to connect with our global partners and provide important project updates.  These meetings include simultaneous translation into a variety of languages to support international participation.  Details of these meetings are visible to partners only.

Advisory Circle Meetings

Our Advisory Circle plays an important role in guiding the project.  The Advisory Circle meets several times throughout the year and when needed.  These meetings are closed and available to Advisory Circle members only.

Other Events (Co-PI Events, Partner Events, and other External Events):

Our network is large and there are many exciting events going on that may be of interest to our partners.  When possible, we will share the details of external events hosted by our project membership.

    • Co-PI Event: Events where one or more of the Ărramăt Co-PIs will be presenting and/or in attendance.
    • Partner Event: Events where an Ărramăt Partner will be presenting and/or in attendance.
    • External Event: External events that Ărramăt Co-PIs or Partners may not be at, but could still be of interest to Ărramăt Team Members.

If you are interested in sharing an event with the Ărramăt Team, please send the event details to Abby D’Souza at dsouza@ualberta.ca.

Click on the ‘+’ icons next to each event below to access details including Recordings, translations, and attachments where available.

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