Good Luck to our PI Team Today!

Hi Partners, friends, collaborators, co-applicants and supporters,

Today is the big day – Danika, Mariam, Brenda, Sherry, and John will be presenting our pitch to a team of 13 international jurors for the final phase of the NFRF application process.  Murray will be joining in spirit from a location that is very dear to him (we were only allowed to have 5 presenters).  They will be presenting from 3:15pm EST until about 4:10pm.


Please send your positive thoughts, prayers, vibes and hopes to them as they prepare for the presentation.  I know we will be keeping our fingers, toes and hearts crossed (just as the Elder advised).

We are sharing the slide deck and script here so that you can see how the project was presented (enable trusted multimedia content on slide 5 for a cool mosaic animation!)

Jury Presentation Ărramăt Biodiversity Conservation and the Health and Well-being of Indigenous Peoples_July26


Of course, we will keep everyone updated on the decision which is expected August 18th.

Good Luck PI Team!

Tracy & Abby