New Online Home for ⴰⵔⵔⴰⵎⴰⵜ Ărramăt project

Hello and Welcome! This is the new online home of the ⴰⵔⵔⴰⵎⴰⵜ Ărramăt project.  We hope that you will utilize this secure virtual space to access regular project updates, learn about upcoming events, view past webinar recordings, and engage in open and safe dialogue with our many partners as we develop our final funding proposal.

We are honoured and excited to have collaborators from across the globe engaged in this project.  We come from many different cultures, disciplines, genders, life stages, and environments.  We speak over 30 languages, live in over 15 countries, and look over many different landscapes as we move around our homelands.

This project is grounded in place and built on relationships, both the relationship we have with the earth and also the relationships we have with each other.

We look forward to building out the vision of this project and developing a robust, detailed, and transformative project proposal that the funding agency can’t say no to.

We will need your help to get there.