November 5 All-Partners Update & Presentation from Ruth Meinzen-Dick!

Dear Ărramăt Partners,

On November 5, 2021, the Ărramăt Co-PIs hosted an All-Partners Update that included information about communications, governance and administration, and other next steps for the project as we anticipate going public before the end of the year. We hosted a morning and evening session to ensure that our global partners had an opportunity to attend. We are pleased to share that more than 70 team members were involved in the All-Partners meetings! The general composition of the participants included 58% Indigenous, 47% women and gender diverse, and 51% from Canada. It was great to see everyone and listen to such valuable discussion! Thank you to all for attending.

Click here for a Summary of Highlights from both meetings!

These meetings are available below with the following translations:

Morning Session

English AM

French AM

Spanish AM

Russian AM

Afternoon Session

English PM

French PM

Spanish PM

Thai PM

Please remember, if you require any translation for All-Partners meetings, we will try our hardest to accommodate you! Don’t hesitate to request translation in the language of your choice. If it makes it easier for you to attend, we’re on it!


Please remember that the announcement of our project funding is under embargo. This means that we are not yet able to speak about the project in relation to the funding agency publically. Keep this in mind as you talk about the project within your network.  We do not yet have a date for the formal announcement but it will not likely come before mid-October.  We will not be changing the language on the website or posting to our social media accounts until after the announcement has been made.  

Presentation from Ărramăt Partner: Ruth Meinzen-Dick

Additionally, we have posted a recording of a UAlberta Brown Bag presentation from one of our partners, Ruth Meinzen-Dick. This was a presentation that was unfortunately not a part of our regular webinar series, however, we’re happy to share it with you now! Ruth Meinzen-Dick is a Senior Research Fellow at International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI). Please feel free to watch if you are interested!

Presentation Topic: Lessons from Transdisciplinary Commons Research: Communication and Partnerships for Impact

Link to Presentation:

 As always, if you have any questions or are in need of more information, please contact Tracy Howlett ( or Abby D’Souza (!

Featured Image: Łutsel K’e Wellness Camp – Laura Jane Michel